Commercial Gutter Cleaning

EK Roof Cleaning provide commercial gutter cleaning service through out Leeds. If gutters are not properly maintained they can become blocked and damaged. The result of this damage will often mean expensive repairs to property and or replacement or equipment/stock kept with in the property.

Our commercial gutter cleaning service can prevent this type of costly repair by removing all blockages and making any repairs that may be necessary. All our commercial gutter cleaning services come with a camera check. This is where we use our recording equipment to check your gutters and provide a report of any work that may need undertaking.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Commercial gutter cleaning at Looker Ford in Leeds.

The use of our own Monkey Tower lift was crucial in providing a fast, clean, safe & economical gutter cleaning service in an area where safety of staff, customers & stock is paramount.


Every gutter cleaning job is different and we have several ways to tackle the problems that come with each job. We can clean gutters upto 3 stories from the ground with our powerful 3500 watt triple motor vacuum with 50mm carbon fibre suction tubes and telescopic water lance. If we need to go higher we have our own Monkey Tower scaffolding system that has a maximum working height of 7.6m high but will fold down to fit thought the average door. All our operatives are trained to work at height and have the relative certification. This all means that there is no need for costly and unsightly scaffolding that will distract from your business and negatively impact you profits.

Commercial gutter cleaning
Gutter cleaning camera
Gutter cleaning in leeds
Gutter cleaning
commercial gutter cleaning leeds

Some insurance companies are now recommending routine gutter cleaning is carried out as a matter of precaution and any subsequent claims may be adversely affected if this kind of maintenance is not undertaken. Check out what Axa have to say about the importance of gutter cleaning here.

commercial gutter cleaning

The above image is just a sample of the debris and growth we regularly remove from gutters, you can imaging the problems these sort of blockages cause to your property and ultimately your business. For a free no obligation commercial gutter cleaning quote please call 07885 484 188