Patios & Drives

Patio & Drive Cleaning

E.K. Exterior Cleaning uses industrial quality tools specially designed for efficient high pressure cleaning while keeping the operator in a safe working environment. Using an Industrial Pressure Washer and Flat Surface Cleaner our machines are purposely designed to restore hard working surfaces. We will clean your brick paving with meticulous care and carry out any minor repairs, remove all debris, apply a weed/algae killer with a commercial sprayer this ensures total coverage and penetration to the roots and finally we re-sand if necessary.We can then apply a protective resin sealant if required.

E.K. Exterior cleaning will ensure a professional finish and leave your with a fresh new look

  • We clean any hard surfaces using a powerful purpose designed flatbed rotary cleaner, which cleans evenly and eliminates any unsightly lines caused by inferior jet washing.
  • Any resultant debris such as sand or dislodged weeds are completely removed from site.
  • A high strength fungicidal wash is spray applied to the cleaned surface, along with a strong weed killer in the case of block paving to ensure all weed growth is eliminated between the joints.
  • With block paving the joints are re sanded with kiln dried sand on a dry day to re bed the blocks and prevent any future movement, and if required any sunken areas repaired back to new condition.


Patio Cleaning before


Patio Cleaning after

Block Paving & Patio Cleaning

Block Paving Cleaning Before

Block Paving Cleaning Before

Block Paving Cleaning After

Block Paving Cleaning After

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