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Looking for a roof cleaning company in Leeds that wont damage or move your tiles, then EK Roof cleaning’s softwashing service might well be it!

E.K. Exterior Cleaning are Roof Cleaning and exterior cleaning specialists. We have Operated in Yorkshire for many years offering our services to both commercial and domestic clients. EK Exterior Cleaning also clean patios, drives, car parks, factories, tennis courts and much more.

Trading standards & many roof tile manufacturers recommend against pressure washing roof tiles for several reasons, some of these reasons are that using high pressure water jets on roof tiles may crack and damage the tile, this combined with unnecessary foot traffic on the roof could allow water ingress into your home akin to the original problem.Tile manufacturers also warn that there products lifespan may be decreased significantly by the use of pressure washing. There is even a chance that this practice could flood your loft space.
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A safe way to clean your roof!

Here at EK Roof Cleaning, Yorkshire we remove as much moss, lichens and other plant growth as possible by hand with specially designed scrappers and stiff brushes, whenever possible this is done without stepping or putting any undue pressure on any part of your roof and to make this as safe as possible we have our own portable scaffolding tower that can be erected by one person in under 5 mins, to see more about how we use this click here (link to monkey tower page here). The next step is to apply a softwash to your roof, we use one of two washes depending on your roof substrate and local environment, both of our washes are ‘approved for use with in the roof cleaning industry’. We are proud to only work with approved products, below are the two formulas we work with

Wash 1 is Safewash

Safewash is the current leader in softwash cleaning solution technology It is a unique blend of natural and 100% organically certified ingredients. It is Non Hazardous, Non Corrosive and Non Toxic.

Wash 2 is a Benzalkonium wash which is fully approved and safe to use by HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

Whether you choose us or another roof cleaner to clean your home we want you to be safe and with that in mind we would like to offer this advice.

In the UK the use of chemicals are governed by a branch of the health and safety executive called REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals) and they follow the Europe wide laws set out by the European Chemical Agency.

These laws state that any company using chemicals while providing a service must only use those chemicals for their intended purposes. Any roof cleaning company should also hold a valid data sheet which gives information on the chemicals intended use, how to safely apply it and any other relevant safety data. These chemicals can not be mixed or blended with other chemicals unless a separate data sheet is created for that mixture.
So ask you Roof cleaner what products they are going to use, ask to see the data sheet(s) for the products they are using and finally ask for insurance, If your contractor isn’t insured would you want them working on your property?

At EK Roof Cleaners [Leeds] we believe that cutting corners, breaking laws & not using safe working practices is a compromise to the health & safety of ourselves, you, your pets and your property and we will be glad to produce data sheets and insurance for you before any work starts.


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