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Roof Coating from EK Roof Cleaning

Moss growth on roof tiles is not only unsightly but left unattended it can can serious damage to your tiles, roof and ultimately your home. Over the course of time the ever changing weather conditions and the effects of cooling and heating will open up the pours in your roof tiles making them more porous eventually leading to cracked and broken roof tiles that allow the ingress of water. Ek Roof cleaner can apply a roof coating that will seal your roof and prevent this.

You may have been advised that you will require a new roof but this is not necessarily the case and before you go ahead and spend £1000’s on a new roof why not get a no obligation quote from EK Roof Cleaner, We will let you know if it is possible to repair your existing roof using the process of cleaning you roof with either a pressure washer or whirl brush to remove moss, lichen and algae’s, apply biocides to stunt the growth of future fungus and moss, make any repairs that may need making and then apply a sealant to water proof your roof, from here you have the option to have your roof painted to give it that new look at a fraction of the cost.

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