Roof Sealing

Over the life time of your roof it is attacked by moss, lichen and algae’s as well as the weather. The effects of these attacks result in your roof tiles becoming porous and allowing the ingress of water. The longer it has been since your roof was last cleaned the more porous your tiles will become and the difficult it will be to remove. This is when a roof sealing service would be most beneficial. The roof sealer we use is a clear roof sealant that will not change the appearance of your tiles and is designed for use on clay and slate roof tiles, it will also protect the pointing between the tiles on your roof.

Our roof sealer is designed to soak into the tiles where once set it will provide a water resistant barrier. It will also provide a shield against future growth of moss, lichen and algae.

Our roof sealant is a one coat system and will provide these benefits for up to 10 years:
Water resistant
Stunts the growth of moss lichen & Algea’s
Protection of pointing
Water Staining

All while being breathable & odourless

roof coating and sealing