Tarmac Restoration

Bring your Tarmac back to life with our tarmac repair and restore service.


Why spend a fortune having your tarmac drive or parking space replaced when we can repair and restore it to a pristine condition for a fraction of the cost? Using our industrial pressure cleaning equipment and restoration products we can clean the surface of your tarmac area, also make good any damaged tar macadam, then spray with moss and weed killer. If required we can renovate your drive using a new high performance solvent free surface coating for restoring tarmac this provides a deep black tough durable finish.

Our industrial pressure washers with rotary heads do not leave unsightly lines called “stripping”, unlike standard pressure washers, but instead restore your tarmac to a like new condition ridding the tarmac of any ground in stains and other unsightly problems. With the addition of our back to black solvent free coating and any minor repairs carried out your drive will look as good as the day it was laid solving problems such as slippery algae and rotting leaves from nearby trees, weed growth, moss & lichen, cracks, pot holes, discolouration and other weather related problems.

Ek Exterior Cleaning can also provide exterior cleaning services in other areas too, such as:

Patios Walls Block paving Flagstones Roofs

2014-04-24 14.53.38
after drive restoration process
car park cleaning before
car park cleaning after

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